Tryggvasafn recently registered the web domain: This event was made possible by a grant from the East Iceland Development Fund.  Visitors to the museum´s website can access data in both Icelandic and English.

Information about the artist Tryggvi Ólafsson, his career, and what characterized his art is highlighted together with a history of the museum. The gallery´s first exhibition was opened in the autumn of 2001 and since 2007, Tryggvasafn has been showcased in Neskaupstaður´s Museum House. Each summer a new exhibition of Ólafsson´s work is displayed.

 In 2007 the collection was comprised of 210 art works. Since then, adding to the collection has been a priority. These works provide insight not only into the artist’s overall career, but the into the evolution of his artistic oeuvre. The gallery now has about 150 oil and acrylic paintings, about 180 lithographs, collages, and drawings, plus various printed posters. In total, Tryggvasafn´s compilation numbers well over four hundred works.

Tryggvi Ólafsson’s art has long attracted attention, and his works are owned by art galleries around the world. All his works display clear Ólafsson originality and are likewise extremely colourful. People of all ages enjoy his art.

Ólafsson was born in Neskaupstaður in 1940. However, for most of his career he lived in Copenhagen. He retained a fondness for his hometown and always kept in contact. It pleased him immensely to learn that a gallery dedicated to showcasing his abstract designs was to be established here.

Tryggvi Ólafsson died at the beginning of 2019.