On June 1, Tryggvasafn’s summer exhibition will be opened in the Neskaupstaður’s Museum House. The title of the exhibition is “Litagleði” (Joy of colors) and visitors must admit that it lives up to its name. The exhibition includes 40 works from the years 1996-2017. People are strongly encouraged to make their way to the Museum House and enjoy colorful art. In addition to Tryggvasafn’s summer exhibition, the Museum house is home to the Museum of Natural History and Jósafat Hinriksson’s  Seafaring and Smithy Collection offering a variety of experiences to visitors. The museum will be open every day this summer at 13 – 17 until the end of August.

Tryggvi Ólafsson’s Art Museum, which in everyday speech is always called Tryggvasafn, owns about 400 works by the artist and sets up an annual exhibition of his works in the Museum. Tryggvasafn first started operations in 2001 and has grown steadily since then.

As many people know, Tryggvi Ólafsson had an impressive artistic career. He started painting at young age in Neskaupstaður but then went to Reykjavík where he studied art, among other things. Eventually, he left his homeland and headed for Copenhagen, where he studied at the Royal Academy of Arts. After completing his art studies, Tryggvi settled in Copenhagen and practiced his art there. Tryggvi lived in Copenhagen for 47 years but then moved to Reykjavík. Tryggvi died January 3, 2019.

Tryggvi’s works can be found in art museums around the world, including 17 museums in the Nordic countries.